Why can you try crossfit and betting on it?

You can do CrossFit for different purposes: to lose weight, improve physical fitness, increase endurance. It is not necessary to go to a contention, but classes will still include a competitive element. Therefore, many have a desire to measure their strength not only with the members of their group, but also with other athletes. In this material, you will find answers to questions about CrossFit competitions: what are there, how to get ready, how they pass.
CrossFit is a discipline with a competitive spirit. The contention tests the main qualities that she develops: strength and endurance. When these indicators grow to a serious level, many athletes have a desire to test themselves at a new level. Some of them decide to participate in competitions, while others start to bet on this sport.

Strive to show what you can do

Preparing for an important Crossfit event takes a lot of time, so everyone would like to demonstrate all their strengths. You need to understand that the performance contains something that is not present in an ordinary training session: judges, spectators and your own excitement. Often, athletes show tremendous proficiency in skills during preparation, and in contention they make a small oversight that spoils the final result. If this is the first large-scale contention, then it can not be possible to predict the scale of the excitement and its consequences. But you can protect yourself from other mistakes.
To one degree or another, excitement accompanies the entire training process, increasing by the appointed date. It is important to strictly follow the chosen program no matter what. The arrangements take at least 12 weeks, it is better to allocate more time so that there is a margin for working on mistakes. The more time it takes to prepare, the higher the chance to give your best in the tournament by 100%.

Pay attention to mental preparation

The distribution of places in the finals is determined not only by physical, but also by psychological preparation. Regular exercise helps build character and willpower. To get a winning combination, all that remains is to add self-confidence. Therefore, moral preparation lies in the awareness of your success, you should focus your own attention on the progress achieved and the total amount of work done. Praising yourself after every workout and rewarding yourself after every achievement is really important. If you are confident, you will be able to show everything that you are capable of.

How are the championships going?

The first World Championship was held in 2007 in Carson, USA, California. Since then, the CrossFit Games has become an annual event, usually scheduled for early August. Initially, the qualifying rounds were held in two stages one after another, now they are held simultaneously. The number of places where you can bet on this sport has increased massively since those days.
The first qualifier is called Open, it has an open format, anyone can participate, you just need to pay a fee. At the last tournament, the buy-in was $ 20. Starting in 2018, the winners of national crossfit competitions enter the open stage. The number of participants is estimated at hundreds of thousands, for the period from 2013 to 2018 the number of those wishing to pass the selection became four times more. The second stage used to be regional competitions, now there are 17 tournaments taking place around the world. Winning such a selection in your country gives you the right to get to the main games without going through the Open.
The contention program and tests change every year, as well as the standards provided separately for men and women. There are no standards for children, crossfit is a hard sport, especially in the competitive part, therefore all participants are adults. But there is no upper age limit, there is even a separate nomination for the oldest participants. All of these changes only make betting more interesting, because there are more options on which you can bet.

How can this help with betting?

Having a good understanding of how the arrangement for the Crossfit
competitions goes gives you a great advantage in making a forecast and bets on the possible winners. Use your knowledge wisely and make winning bets.


Betting on crossfit