Why should you bet on these athletes?

The Fittest on Earth is the best athlete on earth. This title is awarded to its winners by the organizers of the main CrossFit Games championship. In their opinion, this pathos in the name of the winner is justified. Anyone can take part in the competition, and their tasks are not known in advance – athletes can be offered to swim, pull a barbell, walk upside down, or, for example, run around the stands of the stadium, carrying a bag of sand on their shoulder, as was the case at the 2015 Games. “How else can you name the winner in the end, if not the most prepared athlete on the planet?” – says Dave Castro, creator of Crossfit Games. All of these sportsmen are in their top shape, so do not miss your chance to bet.

Rich Froning

CrossFitters joke: “Rich Froning bites the barbell pancakes in half in training. One day, Rich Froning caught a 200 kg crocodile and pulled it with the deadlift 30 times until it died.”
A 4-time individual crossfit athlete and 2-time team champion, Froning is widely regarded as a living legend in CrossFit. He was born in the backwaters of Michigan in 1987. Then he moved to Tennessee – he calls himself “100% country boy.” In his youth, he tried to make a career in baseball, then quit, went to work as a firefighter. In 2010, he discovered CrossFit – this was the beginning of his athlete journey. It turned out that Froning is from the breed of people who are called “genetically gifted.” A good option for betting.

Annie Thorisdottir
Annie, 26, with her abs and deltoid bumps, looks like she could eat a man alive. In fact, this girl, who is called “the male clone of Rich Froning,” loves nature, solitude and home comfort – this is how she says about herself in an interview with Muscle & Fitness.
She was born in Reykjavik, Iceland, where she still lives. She started out as a gymnast and ballet dancer. Legend has it that when Thorisdottir first appeared at the games in 2009 (and immediately finished five of the eight tasks in the top ten), she only practiced CrossFit for a month. In 2011 and 2012, Annie did 130 kilograms at a time in the clean and jerk. This plus the ability to endlessly perform box jumps and thrusters (barbell throws up from the squat) eventually earned her the title of the most trained woman in fitness.
“Have you ever been afraid that you will become too big and pumped up?” – the interviewers once asked the girl. Annie shrugged. “Sometimes the dress won’t fit on me because of my muscles. Although … It doesn’t bother me much.” She is immensely popular among those who bet.

Katherine Tanja Davidsdottir
“There is such a country, Iceland, and it gives CrossFit women heroes,” said Dave Castro, founder of the Crossfit Games, when in 2016, 23-year-old Reykjavik native Katherine Tanya Davidsdottir won the Games for the second time (the first in 2015). The publication cross.world spoke in the same spirit – it called crossfit “the reign of Dottirs”: “There is something in Icelandic water and air.”
Katherine joined CrossFit at the age of 17. Until that time, she was engaged in artistic gymnastics. “What inspires you?” The athlete was asked after the victory. “Opportunity becomes the best version of itself,” she replied. “And also – weekends when I like to eat deliciously.” A very prominent young woman, on who you can bet right now.

Ben Smith
“Fitness bore” is sometimes called this athlete who won the 2015 Games. There are reasons for this nickname. The 26-year-old native of Virginia says little about himself, and if he does, then he always does the right thing: “I look for my weaknesses, and then I improve them. Success requires planning and order. Self-confidence is not enough – you need good technique.”
Ben has been in CrossFit since he was 19. Already in 2009, he took part in the Crossfit Games and became 64th – it took him six years to receive the title of The fittest on earth. Smith works out with his brothers and his father – all of them (including his father) also take part in the competition. Also a great variant for betting.

Is there a chance to win something from betting on crossfit?

Fortunately, this sport is not as popular as others, so if you have a good knowledge of crossfit you can win a decent amount of money from betting.


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